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The War of the Worlds - Wells

The War of the Worlds - Wells


They came from space. With gigantic biomechanical machines, they aim to conquer the Earth and keep humans as slaves. And our most advanced technology seems insufficient to contain the spread of terror across the planet. It is the beginning of the first human war against extraterrestrial beings. How can humanity resist such a superior military power? "The War of the Worlds," released in 1898, is a book that has marked generations and remains important to this day. Being a pioneer in the subject of extraterrestrial, it ended up becoming the reference for almost everything that came after, from Star Wars to other globally famous movies and books. Despite having a much simpler structure than modern science fiction books, the work continues to maintain its great literary value. "The War of the Worlds" contains generous doses of H.G. Wells' immense talent, who at the time of the release of this book was already a famous writer.